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Thursday, April 09, 2009

My bike was finally stolen. 

Well, almost. Tuesday afternoon I parked it outside the Wenjin Hotel near the coffee bar and took the bus out to Fragrant Hills. I stayed there overnight, and when I came back last night, I found that I couldn't open the lock. It had been jammed. Someone had obviously tried to force it open. It is a circle lock, and that kind of lock is usually pretty easy to break open. But I bought this particular lock one day when I happened to pass a Giant store, so it was a bit heftier than the usual ones. At the time, I thought perhaps I was wasting my money to put such a heavy duty lock on an old bike, but it turns out to have been a wise decision. The thief was forced to abandon my bike. Since the lock was jammed, I had to walk my bike all the way home by holding up the back end. But that's a lot less trouble than getting a new bike.

Actually, I was really asking for it. I parked my bike on an unlighted street in front of a place that is not open 24 hours. That's begging for trouble. But the whole thing did answer a question I have wondered about for some time: If you want to steal a bicycle, and you can't get the lock open, how far can you carry the bike by holding up the back end without being confronted? Answer: From the Wenjin Hotel across from the Youth hostel, to the street in front of McDonald's, all the way down to the Fourth Ring Road, then along the free way and through security at the North Gate, with friendly people helping along the way.

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