Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Friday, January 25, 2013


Portland. Where young people go to retire.

I saved 1700 RMB on my ticket price by taking the early morning flight out of Beijing. But to do that, I had to get a motel near the airport. The airport is on the opposite end of the city from Fragrant Hills, where I live. The motel room cost me 268, so that means I saved 1400 and some. I flew out of Beijing early this morning and got here early this morning. The International Date Line. It does weird things to your body. But Eason picked me up at the airport, and I was able to take a good nap at Rachel and Eason's place before this evening.

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We went to a really nice pizza place with a lot of local brews. After I posted some pictures on We Chat, a friend in China messaged me, "I searched that Portland is a beer city, is that right?" Yes, it is. According to Jason, Portland is the micro-brew capital of the world. Lots and lots of small local beers and ciders. And really, really good pizza. Better not eat that too often.

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