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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Melissa's Remonstrance 

I sent Melissa a link for an interactive map of China. This map is hosted by the South China Morning Post. The Post, like many other online news services, has become a pay for use service, but the map itself is still free. For some reason, she missed the map, and ended up at the main website for the South China Morning Post. Instead of an interactive map, she was presented with a demand for payment. She told me her story:
I sat aghast at my computer seat
I'm but I student, I repeat
my funds are low
my mind must grow
henceforth I claim defeat.

For what else shall my money spend
but greater wisdom at days end
I shall not sink to paying fees
for news of action overseas

And so I left that morning post
and headed to a finer host
that offers links at such degree
that I might get the news for free.

and money I shalt now allot,
to, in my mind, a wiser spot
the registrar to which I give
the funds by which I plan to live
oh this payment yet will thrive
and one day soon I will arrive
an education, I'll derive

from funds I spent on my degree
that will one day lib er ate me
to do the things that I love most
.....like pay the fee to China's Post


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