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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Abortion and Infanticide
A list of doctrines the average evangelical is willing to defend at all cost
A Message to Mayor Pete from a Latina Mama
Avocado Salad at the Loft
Both the Democrats and the Republicans are handling this all wrong.
China's doves urge Beijing to find common ground with Was hington
Easter Greeting from Israel (Easter 2019)
God is Not Mocked
How Best to Help the Poor
I can't do this.
Kill them now or kill them later.
Mass Shooting in New Zealand
Michelle Wolf on Having a Baby
Norwegian breakfast at the Loft in Kunming.
Pete Buttigieg doesn't get to make up his own Christianit y
Rainy day in Beijing today. Takes me back.
Really fabulous interview about the dangers of Chri stian Extremists
Saturday Afternoon at Emerald Lake
Superbowl, Beijing Style
The Best Israeli-Palestinian Explanation on the Inter net
The Betsy Ross flag is hurtful?? Americans are losing the ir sanity.
The Politics of Hate
The homeless intellectualism...
These looney lefties are going to wipe out the Democratic party.
This is my favorite sweet roll at the French Cafe in Kunm ing.
Trump's Tariffs Are Equivalent To One Of Highest Tax Hike s Since 1983
Walt Heyer Testimony
Water into Wine
01 What is your dream?
02 What is your dream?
White Supremacists on the Rise?
Words of hope from my grandfather's favorite preacher.
You Raise Me Up

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