Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I have the CNN News Ticker on my desktop. Most of the time it just sits there and does nothing. But when I am connected to the Internet, it goes into action. I am used to it by now, so I ignore it most of the time, but the other day a headline came floating across the ticker that caught my attention:

"Nanny problem costs Bush nominee" It turns out the nominee for Homeland Security has withdrawn his name because of a problem in his past. His crime? He hired a nanny who was an immigrant. An immigrant with "questionable legal status," which probably means that she was a working woman who didn't have lots of money or advanced degrees that would make her desirable to a country that is becoming increasingly selfish and pig-headed about sharing it's wealth with underprivileged people who are decent hard working folks and ask for nothing more than a chance to get ahead.

America has changed. When I was a child, it would have been inconceivable to contemplate a situation where someone would be disqualified from public service because he showed too much kindness to an immigrant. America does not have a bright future.

Interestingly enough, China, which has not historically been an immigrant nation, is now implementing permanent residence. There are plenty of people in China, so this country will probably not be a "new world" for millions of dispossessed from other parts of the globe, as America was in the past. But it is interesting to see how much the global dynamic can change. If China is willing to open her doors to sincere people who just want to work hard, then China will inherit the blessing that America has so carelessly cast aside.

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