Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Monday, March 21, 2005

Been out of commission for awhile. Somehow I managed to hurt my back again. I still feel like I've just been thrown from a horse, but it is slowly getting better. Not sure what I did this time. I am wondering if it might be the bed I'm sleeping on. The bed in this apartment is just a glorified box spring. On second thought, drop the "glorified" part. I don't know, but whenever I mention anything about it to my friends, they always insist that hard beds are much better for you. Maybe it was carrying my bike across the tracks that did it. Perhaps I shouldn't have, but my bike isn't that heavy. Besides, the train was coming, and I didn't want to wait for it. I don't know....not sure if that was it, because my back didn't start hurting until after I parked my bike. Anyway, if I hadn't beat the train, I would have suffered something slightly more painful than a backache.

Last night I attended a banquet the Software College put on for some visiting dignitaries from Keio University. The Software College here is working hard to form joint degree programs with academic institutions in other parts of the world. A joint degree program with Florida International University is already in place. The first group of graduates is just finishing up. They took the whole course (Master's Degree in IC Design) in English, and will be given a degree from this university, and also from FIU. During the course of their program, they were taught by visiting professors from FIU, by the Dean of the Software College, who is actually a tenured professor at FIU (on leave, of course), and by people like myself, who are professors here at the Software College.
Keio University is interested in forming this type of partnership. We'll see what happens. Chinese higher education is moving steadily toward the global marketplace. Education is becoming business.

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