Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Picked up a copy of the South China Morning Post this morning. Very interesting article about the mayor of Taipei, who has just been elected to the chairmanship if the KMT. You may remember his comments in the Wall Street Journal, which I included in this blog (May 9).

Watch this guy. He will no doubt run for president in the next election. Chen Shui-bian is a charasmatic figure, but the problem with people like Chen, is that they become the identity of their party, and when they step down, they are hard to replace. It is very unlikely that Chen's party will find someone of his stature to take his place. This means that Ma will probably be the next president, which also means that the KMT, the old enemy of the Communist Party will be back in power. Ironically, the mainland will certainly encourage such a victory, since the KMT endorses, as, of course, it always has, the "One China" policy.

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