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Monday, August 22, 2005

Anne Marie let me know that the links I put in recently were not working. It turns out that our server was down. They should be OK, now. Anne Marie also had a question about the conclusion to the story about Simon Zhao. I guess I kinda left it hanging. The most complete story of Simon Zhao is found in the history section of the "Back to Jerusalem" website. This is a long article, but well worth reading. Print it out, go to a coffee bar, or something, and read through it.

The article I quoted from extensively in this blog was written by Tony Lambert in China Insight. The articles differ slightly, but are essentially the same relative to significant facts. I believe this story is important for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it serves as an encouragement, and example. Who do young people look up to today? Would to God that they had more examples like Simon Zhao. This generation of young people desperately needs to hear this story and others like it. But I believe the main reason this story is important, is because it introduces us to a movement which appears to be the hand of God. Christians from the West are accustomed to thinking of China as a mission field. But if the vision that Simon Zhao lived for has any merit, and if God's people are obedient, then this country will see a wave of missionary activity moving toward some of the most difficult fields in the history of missions. All of us who are interested in missions and/or interested in China should want to be a part of it.

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