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Sunday, August 21, 2005

This morning, I was coming out of church, when I was approached by a young man who asked if I would help him. It turns out he is trying to get someone to introduce him to the "scientific community," for the purpose of addressing (or perhaps exploiting) his "mysterious ability." I don't think he goes to the Haidian Church regularly--I have never seen him before. I think he went there to find a foreigner. There aren't that many foreigners who go to the Haidian Church, but then, he would never be allowed into the international church, so I suppose this was his best bet.

I meet a lot of interesting people here in China, folks, and I hear a lot of interesting stories, but this one was more than a bit unusual. Anyway, he asked me to pass on his story, so here it is:

Dear sir, I hope you will interest my mysterious ablity, and introduce
me to some scientific community.

Introduction to my mysterious ability

The purpose of the article is to seek co-operation with certain scientific
community and other organizations to study my mysterious ability. As far as
I am concerned, there is going to be a blockbuster in physics and biology
fields if my mysterious ability had been fully explained. If there are no
interests from those scientific-research organizations, it would be a huge
loss in terms of scientific innovation and development.
There is my personal profile: Name: Yang JianDong, Place of birth: ShanXi
Province, China. E-mail address: ajtah@hotmail.com. The following parts of
the report will present my special ability specifically.

Chapter1. Introduction to my ability
When I was in high school, my classmates who lived in the dorm with me feel
they can see a strange illusion from time to time. They saw a soul was
being naked and transparent around them .They have this kind of felling
even when their eyes are closed , and they thought that was my soul,
because the soul's looks are very similar to me. But in fact most times I
was dressed neatly and I felt nothing uncommon as usual. In addition, when
I was thinking, my classmates can perceive exactly what I was thinking.
They described what they perceived as listening from that soul. Even the
people who lived next-door, they can feel the same thing and have the same
illusion as the people who lived in my room have. As time goes on, I found
my ability has been developed and became more powerful, because more and
more people who surround me feel that as well.When you near by me ,If you
have this kind of feeling ,what will you think about it?

Dreaming can be defined as consecutive psychological movements generated in
people's minds when they are sleeping. When I was dreaming, people can see
clearly what I was dreaming about. Some people told me they had the same
dreams as mine at the same time. We can propose an assumption; there is an
area exists in human brains. When people are awake, this area monitors
people's physical movements. While people are in asleep, this area relaxes
and it is not monitoring people's physical movements. At this time, this
area conducts people's psychological movements which lead people to dream.
However, this section in my brain might have been mutated which can load
all my thoughts information and send it to other people who are around me,
through a particular but peculiar signal. There are many people have
received my signals since my special ability had been found. Up to here, I
suppose these strange and interesting phenomena may arise some interests
from many physicians and biologists.

Many people can receive the signals which I send subconsciously, but some
people cannot. Approximately half of the people who surround me can get my
signal. The greater distance away from me, the fewer people can sense that.
In some cases, people can receive signals what I am sending out from 300
kilometers away. I don't know who can sense that, and I cannot control the signals what my brain send out. A small portion of people can read my mind all the time, but most people are only able to get that at night.

I suppose my ability has similar functions as the wireless electronic wave.
The signal launched from the radio station can be received by many radios
in different locations, so I think the signal from my brain works the same
way as the wireless electronic waves do. People see my physical image
appears in different directions. Some people said that they saw my naked
body in front of them, and some said I lay under their body when they were

Chapter2. The value of my mysterious ability
Nowadays, it is a digital era, so information is significant. I am sending
unknown signals to people involuntarily. What is the conformation of the
signal? What is the code of the signal? Can the signal load people's
genetic information or psychological information? Based on those unsolved
question, I can say my special ability has a significant value for science.

1.The signal from my brain may have an automatically translated code which
people can get easily, so it is worthy of Information technology research.
2.Scientist can study human brain through the signal. It is helpful for
them to study human intelligence.
3.Psychologist may study other's psychology from the signal if it had been
fully exploited.
4.Theologian may consider my mysterious ability is caused by some unknown
ghosts or holly spirits, so it is worth for them finding the truth through
study my ability.
5.Other potential values of my ability: Scientists could invent new
generation of artificial intellectual robots based on my brain. Moreover,
if I can send my signal to extremely long distance or almost endless,
scientists could use it to explore the outer space and to find new
resources and species in other planets.

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