Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Sitting here in my apartment in the dormitory at Fujitsu in Fuzhou listening to the Old Fashioned Revival Hour with Charles Fuller. Amazing how well the audio integrity of these old recordings is preserved through the process of converting them to audio files. "Listen carefully, sinning friend on the broad road to destruction. Will you take heed please young man? Christ is the only savior. No other way for a lost sinner to escape except through Christ!" Preach it, brother.

The program here in Fuzhou is basically a contract with Fujitsu. Employees here at Fujitsu are offered a chance to get a master's degree from Beihang University, and take all the classes right here at their place of work. Because the courses I teach are heavily oriented toward "doing" technology, I always insist that each student has his or her own computer. The lecture room I am using has no computers, but they have made sure that each student has a laptop, and that network connection is available to each student. I was supposed to teach this class last spring, but they were not really set up for the requirements I had set out, so they postponed the course. That was fine with me; I told them I would rather wait and do it right.

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