Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tell you what. If you want to taste pure deliciousness, go to Tutu on a Saturday morning, and have a bowl of millet pudding. Really good. When people in China ask me if I like Chinese food, I usually tell them that I prefer American breakfasts, but that I like Japanese or Chinese food for lunch or the evening meal. But a Mongolian breakfast competes easily with the American. Especially if Maria is with you, because she knows exactly what to order. And Mongolian milk tea with pieces of cheese in it. really good. When I was in the States, I used to go to what they called a "Mongolian Barbecue." I liked that, too, but I had no idea then what real Mongolian food actually tastes like. If you ever get a chance to find out, don't pass it up.

This afternoon, I rode my bike to the area right south of the old Drum Tower, and Bell Tower--a group of small restaurants and coffee bars on one of the oldest streets in Beijing. This city has so much history! Sadly, much of it is being eaten up by modern development, but fortunately, there is a move to preserve some of it for generations to come. Exactly what "preserve" means remains to be seen, because the old street is not without development--people see the chance to make some money on tourism. Still, this approach is sure better than just tearing everything down.

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