Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Left the youth hostel this morning to catch the morning train to Chongqing. I thought I had time to take the bus to the train station instead of the taxi, but for some reason, the bus just wouldn't come and wouldn't come. Sometimes it works that way. I could picture myself running to catch the train. Finally, I decided to take a taxi, and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't manage to catch one that didn't have passengers. I was reminded of something Clementine Churchill said about her husband: "Winston is a sporting man; he likes to give the train a chance to get away." Well, I don't. I like to be there in plenty of time. Finally, a taxi coming from the other direction spotted me, did a U turn, and pulled over. On the way to the airport, it became quite evident that I would have been late if I had taken the bus. I was glad it hadn't come. But you know what? The train was late. Seems Chonqing is experiencing a torrential downpour that has disrupted travel. That's my luck. The one time I give up and take a taxi, it turns out that I wouldn't have had to. But even though I wouldn't have missed the train if I had waited for the bus, I would have thought I had missed it, and then how would that have affected my behavior?

The time for the train departure kept being pushed back, until finally they announced that the train would be delayed until six o'clock that evening (it was originally due to depart at 11:41). It was at that point that I made a snap decision. You see, that morning I had stopped by Holly's hostel, and found out that the road to Jiuzhaigou was open. I had originally planned to go to Jiuzhaigou and then move on up into Gansu Province, to the area where I was last year. But the road to Jiuzhaigou had been closed since the earthquake, so I had given up on the idea. But now, when it was announced that the train would not be running until this evening, I decided to cancel my trip to Chongqing. Funny, isn't it, how our lives can be so profoundly affected by quick decisions made in the present moment?

I returned to the youth hostel, and got information about how to get to the bus station. I got there in time to purchase a ticket for the next morning, and decided to head down to the south side of town, where the expats hang out, and have my last dinner (in Chengdu). I had intended to go to a regular western restaurant, but I happened to walk by a Tex Mex, place. Another good decision. If you like Chimichangas, let me know, and I'll tell you how to get there.

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