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Thursday, August 07, 2008

You be the judge. Does this look like someone who is sleeping, or someone who is pretending to be sleeping? Brian from the Bridge Cafe called me the other day. He wanted to do a photo shoot for a flyer he is printing up to advertise the new coffee bar. Seems he had seen me one time (one time??) reading the Wall Street Journal. I had sorta nodded off, and the waitress was pouring me some coffee. He wanted to recreate the scene.

I told him I'm not an actor. Sleeping I can do. I'm really good at that. I can fall asleep just about anywhere. Coffee bar, restaurant, church. It comes naturally for me. I remember I was in the Portland State University library one time, and I had nodded off. A lady sitting near me gave me a little nudge. She was very polite, "Sir, you're snoring rather loudly."

But pretending to be sleeping is something else. So I had to sorta get myself in a relaxed position and try to fall asleep so that I would look natural. But you know, things have to look just right for a picture, so the photographer kept adjusting me.

So you tell me. If I hadn't told you this story, would you know that this was staged? If you know me, cheesecake, Perrier and espresso should be a clue. That's probably not a combination I would choose for myself, although I do like all of them. It's more likely to be apple pie. Since they brought that chef over from New York to teach the locals how to cook, their apple pie has gotten pretty good. The carrot cake is pretty good here too, though. The cheesecake is as good here as anywhere else, but cheesecake is just a little too much pure sugar for me. Apple pie or carrot cake. I always try to make sure my diet contains plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Anyway, they are opening a new location over near Peking University. It will be welcome. There are more and more expats coming here to take advantage of the unique learning opportunities (and unique tuition costs) in the University district here on the Upper West Side.

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