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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sashimi and Ramen 

I certainly don't expect the ladies at the guest house to feed me, but sometimes they do, like today when I happened to be there in the late morning. It was a sweet porridge with little balls of omochi floating in it. Really delicious stuff. I had something like that up in Nancha, I think. There are certain foods you're supposed to eat on certain days during the Spring Festival period, but I cannot keep track of what they all are.

Jack managed to book a ticket for me on the D train, so I guess I will be going back to Beijing Monday. Tickets from Harbin to Beijing are not easy to come by during the Spring Festival holiday. Jack told me a couple days ago that he could get one for Sunday. But I decided that if I couldn't get back before Sunday, I would just as soon stay and go to church, and then go back Monday.

One of the best (and most economical) places to eat on the walking street is the Japanese restaurant. I know. I am partial to Japanese food, but I really think you'd like the ramen in this place. Fifteen kuai for a bowl of it. The salmon sashimi is 20, though, for a couple pieces. It really is good, though. It is not really honest for me to make a comparison between the Japanese food here and in present day Tokyo, because I usually don't eat Japanese food when I go to Japan. It's too expensive. I always end up having some of it, you know, but not the kind of stuff I order here in China. I mean the every day sort of stuff I'm used to. I know I have said it before, but if you like Japanese food, China is the best place to be. This place is not run by Japanese people. The proprietors are Chinese. They don't speak Japanese. Or English. Not sure if this is a husband-wife team, or what the deal is, but they run the place together. Really nice folks.

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