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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mongolian Wedding 

Took the light rail to Xizhimen last night, and caught the train from Beijing Bei (North Railway Station) to Chifeng in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia. I stood looking out the window as we passed Wudaokou, and saw the crowd of cars, pedestrians and bicyclists waiting for me this time. Had a hard sleeper, but it was a bottom bed, so quite comfortable. But the cabin was not heated very well. No worries, they give you a heavy quilt, and I came prepared.

I am here for the wedding of one of my former students. This morning, we went to Echo's house and had a Mongolian breakfast. Millet and cream, roast lamb, and really tasty fried bread. But if you ever come to Inner Mongolia, don't eat too much for breakfast, because lunch will follow shortly.

Echo had lined up a place for me to stay in a quaint little Chinese bath house. Believe it or not, this little place actually has a computer in each room with a high speed internet connection.

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