Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

The last pie. Literally. This morning, one of the waitresses asked me if I wanted to order a piece of pumpkin pie. She told me there were only six pieces left, and they weren't going to be making any more. I told her that I wasn't really in the mood for one, since I had just had breakfast, but I asked her if she could reserve one for me until this evening. When I came in this evening, there was no pumpkin pie, but true to her word, she had held a piece for me, and told the evening staff to give it to me when I came in.

Actually, I had already pretty much phased pumpkin pie out of my diet. They started this thing just before Thanksgiving. During the Thanksgiving-Christmas period, I felt I should have a piece once in awhile as a matter of principle, but after Christmas was over, I decided to go back to corn muffins. Cheaper and not quite so much sugar. A little butter and jam doesn't hurt, though. Good with coffee.

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