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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Foreign Language Bookstore 

People's Square. Found the Foreign Language Bookstore on Fuzhou Road. Lots of books, and the paperbacks are cheap (unlike the Bookworm in Beijing). If I bought enough books I could pay for my trip. But I am not in the mood for spending lots of money right now.

I am going to spend a few days here in Shanghai before heading back to Beijing. Amy was able to find a very low cost hotel on the campus of Fudan University. I had originally told her that it was no problem for me to stay at the youth hostel, but she wanted me to be closer to her place. Now I am glad I let her make the arrangements. It's a very clean hotel, and I have a private room.

Augustine's Confessions, The Diary of a Madman, and an anthology of the works of Milton--which one would you pick? I chose Augustine, because it's the one out of the tree that I would not want to do without. And, after all these years, I've never gotten around to reading it. Such choices are never easy, though. Augustine is important, to be sure. Hard to find a theological statement of any import from any theologian throughout the centuries of church history, that is not a paraphrase of something Augustine said first. Protestants and Catholics both claim him as a church father. Twenty kuai for a paperback edition. Not a bad price for an imported book. I don't know how these guys are this stuff over here so cheaply. As I said, if I bought all my books here, I could easily pay for the round trip ticket.

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