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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Han Han 

Ever watch Talk Asia? I watched an interview there the other day that I think you would find interesting. Maybe it was more interesting to me because I am a blog writer. But you're a blog reader, so I think you will find it interesting, too. It is an interview with Han Han, a very well known blogger in China. Everybody here knows this guy, especially the young folks. He writes in Chinese, of course, so I have not read his blog, but the interview gives a very good idea what it is like, and his answers to questions are insightful--I mean the way he deals with the government, and the possibility that he might someday say something that raises their ire (if he hasn't already). He is quite tactful, not angry and hostile. But he does not mince words, either. Because of this, it would be tough for the government to shut him up. He is not a freedom fighter or a democracy activist. But he does speak out quite freely against corruption and bad policy. But I will let you watch it.

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