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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Boots. Jason and Heather didn't like my boots at all. I have to admit the heels were in pretty rough shape, but there are lots of cobblers in China. The problem is that the souls are constructed with air chambers to help cushion the weight while you are walking. So as they start to wear through, it becomes a little difficult to patch them up, because there is nothing to attach the new rubber soul to. It's hard to explain, and perhaps my assessment is too pessimistic. But Jason and Heather weren't for taking any chances. So this afternoon Melissa took me to an outdoor store to get some new boots.

Several years ago, I stopped in Shenzhen to see a friend, and we did a lot of walking around town. At the time, I was wearing an old pair of boots I had found sitting on a dumpster up in Alaska one summer. They seemed to fit OK, and I did get a good bit of use out of them, but they really were not quite right for my feet, and they were really hurting. It occurred to me then that if your feet are out of commission, it doesn't matter how well the rest of you is doing. I decided after that experience that I had to get some good boots, especially for the mountains. But that was a few years ago, so I have had these boots now for four years. Nothing lasts forever.

I picked out a large pair of climbing boots and tried them on. I had chosen them because they were marked down, but they were not quite the right size. So the guy brought out another pair of boots. I was a little skeptical, because they said, "Made in Italy." What do the Italians know about making boots? Spaghetti, yes. Pizza, OK. But boots? But after I put them on, I was amazed at how light they felt on my feet. And they were very comfortable. So I decided to go with the Zamberlans. We'll see.

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