Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Monday, September 06, 2010

The Drip Room 

Last night I had Charley take me over to one of the Peking University hospitals across from my old university. I have some sort of infection on my foot. I had been trying to treat it as a fungus, but it wasn't responding, so I am thinking it must be some sort of staph infection or something.

We went in, but the regular area was closed, and when I told them at the emergency area that I had had this thing for at least three weeks, they told me that I should come back the next morning. Charley then suggested that we try to find a clinic out by Fragrant Hills. I said I didn't know of any, but Charley managed to find one close to my house.

This morning I went in, and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic drip (they like drips in China) as well as some pills. I went into the drip room this morning to get my dose. The drip room reminds me of a beauty parlor. A bunch of neighborhood ladies getting their fix of whatever and chatting with each other.

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