Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

English Fellowship 

Went to the Haidian Church English Fellowship this morning. Pastor Wu is doing his doctorate at Fuller now, so he brings some of their professors over here once in awhile. The speaker today was introduced as a professor from the Christian Psychology Department, so I thought it was going to be a yawner. What are the odds of getting an expository sermon from a psychologist? But I actually liked this guy. His presentation was not what you would expect. He talked about growing up in a one parent family, and how his church sort of took his family under their wing. His point was that the everyone in the church must be involved in meeting the needs of the body. He made the point that his family was not taken care of by the government, but by the church. It was a wholesome message, really, and very important for China, where there are just so many people, and those who have special needs can easily get lost in the crowd.

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