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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forced Abortion 

Forced abortion. The dark side of China's one child policy. You need to watch this video, because it gives a very clear picture of how the one child policy is enforced. Contrary to what many in the West believe, the one child policy is widely supported in China, especially in the cities. But you always have to ask yourself, "What happens if a woman who already has a child gets pregnant?" I have asked many people that question. I have gotten many answers. I guess it is left up to the local government to solve this problem. I heard of one community where, if you had another child, they would come to your home and tear down a room in your house. Sometimes, people who have more than one child get off with a fine. But other times, it is this.

In some places, there will be forced sterilization after the first child. Many times I suppose it is requested. But it is by no means universal, because after the 2008 earthquake, couples who had lost a child were allowed to have another one, which, of course, would not have been possible if the mother had been sterilized after the first pregnancy. It is almost, certain, though, that the poor woman in this story was sterilized after her baby was born dead. God have mercy on China!

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