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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home again 

Got back from Shenzhen yesterday. I spent some time catching up on the McLaughlin Group. It's kinda funny, you know...McLaughlin Group is not blocked in Hong Kong. That would be the place to get caught up. But I was so busy, I only had time to watch one episode. So I watched two back to back yesterday. Glad the political season in the US is over. At one point, McLaughlin asked the panel to comment on whether too much money is spent on political campaigns. Here's part of the interchange:

MCLAUGHLIN: Exit question: Political spending this year is estimated to top $3 billion, a new record. Is this sum of money, A, too much; B, about right; C, too little; D, misspent?

BUCHANAN: We spend more on dog food, John, than we do on politics. What are you talking about?

ELEANOR: The dogs deserve it. The politicians don't.

I think the world of Buchanan, but this is one time I will have to agree with Eleanor.

When I was coming back to my apartment this evening, I noticed they had fired up the boiler. That's good news. Last night was my first night back from the south, and it was really cold. I stayed warm under the hand made quilt that I bought years ago from a lady in a mountain village in Shanxi Province. But it was sure nice to see that the hot water has started flowing for the winter.

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