Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My fingers are flying these days. A new keyboard was willed to me by a dead laptop. Eason's machine fell off his desk some time ago. That was the end of it, but he salvaged some of the parts. He gave me the battery and keyboard, because I have the same model. My battery is still in good shape, even after five years, because I am much more careful about it this time. With my old Toshiba, I would shut down my laptop, and then unplug it and start putting it away while it was powering down. And when I took it out at a new location, I would turn it on and let it start powering up while I was getting it set up and plugged in. Needless to say, the battery burned out after a couple years. With my present computer, I always make sure it is completely powered down before I unplug it, and I never turn it on until I am sure it has power. So the only time my battery ever gets used is if I have a power failure in my apartment while I am working on it, or if I take it out at a coffee bar and realize that I have forgotten to bring the cord with me. Bottom line, I live as if I don't have a battery, so when I need it, it is always there.

My keyboard was quite another matter. You know how it is when you get a crumb lodged under a key, and find that the key will not depress properly. You start by trying to blow out the crumb. If that works, fine. But if not, then you have to take the key off and remove the crumb. I have done this several times, usually without incident. But once in awhile, something breaks when I am taking the key off, so I cannot quite get it back on properly. So I had a couple keys that really didn't work very well. I was constantly having to type over those letters several times, which always slowed my typing speed down considerably. Eason's keyboard was in mint condition. Don't know how long this one will last, but it sure is nice for now.

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