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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Heat 

Interesting debate in the China Daily on the heating system in China. I think I have probably mentioned this issue a few times before, but in North China, hot water heat is standard in most family dwellings. In South China that is not the case.

So in the winter, North China is actually much more livable, in my opinion. I visited some folks in Wuhan a few years ago, and their home had no heat. They wore parkas outside, and the same parkas inside. Their inside and outside dress was the same. Being outside with a parka is very, very different from having to live inside with a parka. When I am outside, I am always moving--walking, riding my bike, or climbing the mountain. But inside, I am sitting at my desk or something, and then I really want it to be cozy. Can't do that in South China. I will admit that it is not as cold outside in the south. But it is much colder inside. Miserable. Anyway, read the debate (actually a discussion between two people who took basically the same position). I think you will find it interesting.

In America, inside winter heat varies widely from fire places to furnaces, but the majority of systems have traditionally been some form of forced air heat. In China, hot water radiators are the standard. Hot water radiators went out of use in the U.S. because the temperature is not as easy to regulate. You can turn the water up or down, but there is no thermostat. Americans are used to being able to enter a room and set an exact temperature. Personally, I much prefer radiant heat. Much easier on my allergies. My room is not hot--I generally wear a sweatshirt. But it's comfortable.

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