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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Faith Missions 

Been talking with a guy from Korea that I met here at the youth hostel who is interested in my idea. He is in the process of getting a business license in Beijing, and is exploring ways that a business could be combined with the kind of thing I am talking about. I told him that I tend to move toward George Muller's model. George Muller fed and clothed ten thousand orphans in England and never solicited funds. I saw a book at St. Andrews church the other day about Hudson Taylor referring to him as the "father of modern faith missions." Close, but not quite. I have a great deal of respect for Hudson Taylor, and his determination to depend on God for the support of the China Inland Mission. But it is only fair to point out that Hudson Taylor was able to do what he did because he was bankrolled by George Muller, who was the father of modern faith missions.

The Korean guy emphasized to me that George Muller's model was not the only model. He's right. Paul the Apostle talked about the importance of supporting those who are working for the cause of the gospel. But he was also determined to support himself, so as not to be a burden on people. Still, after living in America for forty years, and seeing the way non-profits who bill themselves as "faith missions" actually raise gargantuan amounts of money by making strong emotional appeals, I am definitely turned toward George Muller's approach.

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