Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Finally getting things put back together. My laptop was stolen a week ago while I was on the bus. The bus was really crowded, so I was standing just inside the front door. I had my briefcase with my laptop and books between my feet. A couple stops after I got on, someone stepped off the bus, grabbed my computer from between my feet and took off. It was dark, and I couldn't see anyone, and, you know how it is..you spend a couple seconds checking to see if it is anywhere near you, and then it's too late. I called the police and they came and brought me to the station so that I could file a report. Don't know what good it did, but I thought I should do something. Pretty useless, I'm afraid. The irritating thing is that the thief ended up getting an old laptop that has little, if any, market value. But I had it all set up, and it was very useful to me. I think I could have made it go another year or so.

My neighbor chided me, "You should always watch your things when you are on the bus!"

I said, "It was right between my feet!"

"You should never put it between your feet! You can't see it. Your belly is too big!"

I thought I would be without a machine for awhile, because I am not in the mood to go out and buy a new computer right now, but last Sunday, James brought his old Thinkpad to church for me to use. It's old, but my laptop was old, too, and this thing is in very good condition. God is good. His Name is not Jehovah-jireh for nothing.

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