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Friday, September 02, 2011

Bible vs Quran 

Started our Quran/Bible study again last night. My good friend just got back from Kuwait and sent me a text message saying he wanted to start our study again.

I was in the Arabian restaurant last spring with some friends from church, when one of the owners asked me if I could teach him about the Bible. I told him that I would teach him the Bible if he would teach me the Quran, so we are doing a comparative study of the Book of Genesis. Earlier this summer, he had to go back to Kuwait to tend to his family. He told me that he was also going to visit a mystic in Oman, who was going to teach him some things, including the deal where you draw a line in the sand, and when you step over it, you're in another place. When he left, he said, "If things work out, I may be coming back to visit you, but I won't need a ticket." So when I got his text message, I said, "Did you come back on an airplane, or did you find some other way?" He responded that he took a plane this time, because the other way is not going to be as easy to learn as what he had thought. I can imagine.

Studying with him is very helpful, because he has iQuran on his phone, so he can instantly find the Quran equivalent for the stories we are going through in Genesis. At any rate, we have a lot of interesting discussions. I bought an English language Quran one time, but I have never really studied it.

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