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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bibles for China 

Had dinner with Mike Falkenstine again last night. He was in China, and stopped by to give me the latest edition of his book. He also showed me some pictures of the two main activities his organization is involved in--distributing Bibles and building churches for folks in the coutryside who don't have a place to worship. The pictures he showed me provided a refreshing contrast to my experience in Kaixian this past summer. I am quite sure that lady would not be happy about what he is doing--I mean if he was doing it in her county. But I think it exemplifies what is really needed in China. From time to time, I still hear stories about people smuggling Bibles into China. I actually met a Bible smuggler in Beijing once. I couldn't get much information out of him, because he was pretty tight-lipped about what he was doing. Ridiculous. It's easy to get Bibles in China. Smugglers often say that they have to do what they do because there are places in the countryside where it is not as easy to get them. But then why not do what Mike's organization does--go to Nanjing, buy the Bibles, and then take them to the countryside?

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