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Monday, November 12, 2012

Is it not a base superstition that mere numbers will give wisdom? On the contrary is it not universally seen that men in crowds are more foolish and more violent and more cruel than men separate and alone? Is it not shameful that men should be ruled by orators, who "go ringing on in long harangues, like brazen pots which, when struck, continue to sound till a hand is put upon them"? Surely the management of a state is a matter for which man cannot be too intelligent, a matter that needs the unhindered thoughts of the finest minds. How can a society be saved or be strong, except it be led by its wisest men? -- Will Durant on Plato
It's hard to find a better illustration of the limitations of democracy than an American presidential election. It always brings to mind the exhortation by Solomon:
Ecc 10:16 Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child, and your princes feast in the morning!
It seems like American elections become more and more trivial every four years. America has become a country with democracy for the sake of democracy. The right to choose, devoid of the moral principles that might guide such a choice, as if the mere power to choose civilizes the populace and ensures good leadership. So it's kinda depressing to watch American elections. There just doesn't seem to be anyone out there who really articulates the bottom line. The crisis in America is not primarily financial. The financial crisis is only one manifestation of a larger problem. Americans have lost faith in the basic principles that made America a great country. They don't believe that our personal convictions should have any bearing on public policy. Joe Biden carries a rosary and insists that he supports the position of his church, but he also maintains that he doesn't feel he should impose his beliefs on others. Nonsense. I have no respect for people like him. Either have the courage of your convictions, or be honest enough to admit that you don't really believe anymore what your church teaches. I's hard to tell what Romney believes. He tends to believe whatever he has to to get elected. In fairness to Romney, he is much more qualified for leadership than what he is portrayed as being by his opponents. But I don't think anyone knows what he really believes. Maybe not even himself. One thing I have to say about Obama. Generally, he is quite open about what he believes. When he ran for president four years ago, he said openly that he was pro-choice, and that he believed in the redistribution of wealth. And he has followed those beliefs with policy. So how could someone with such a cold-hearted approach to human life get elected? The answer is painful, but simple. The people who are voting for him are not fundamentally different from him. The Americans are a people who have lost their sense of direction, spiritually speaking. They really aren't sure if anything should be sacred anymore. In that sense, a spiritual darkness has descended upon America that is very similar to the sense of lostness that characterized Israel at the time of Christ. America needs a redeemer.

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