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Monday, December 10, 2012

Davhen's Wedding 

Davhen Wong got married today. When I first met Davhen, I said, "Davhen, where did you get your English name?" He said, "I chose that name because I wanted to be like David at the beginning of his life, and like Stephen at the end of his life." Wise man. Davhen is from Hong Kong, but he lives and works in Beijing. It's pretty easy for Hong Kong people to get the kind of residence permission needed to work in China. Pretty much the same for Taiwan folks. In China, very often people who get married have a wedding ceremony for the wife's parents in her home town and a ceremony for the husband's parents in his home town. Davhen's wife is from Guizhou Province, and he is from Hong Kong, but they are both involved in a family church here in Beijing, so today's ceremony was actually their third. We all wish them the very best.

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