Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Students tend to be hesitant about taking a hike in the dead of winter, so we didn't have too many hikers today. It was a very cold day, too, but very sunny. Nice day for a hike. But it was windy at the top, and wind at this temperature cuts right to the bone. So we headed down the mountain for a bowl of hot noodles. It's nice to live near the mountain. I say "the mountain," because there is one mountain inside the park. The Chinese name for the park is the name of that mountain. So it could be translated as "Fragrance Mountain," or "Mt. Fragrance." But the official English name is "Fragrant Hills Park." The English name was surely designed with the help of an American. It sounds like the name of a standard suburban American subdivision. But ironically, it is a better name for the area. The park is actually a very small part of the Fragrant Hills area. There's one hill in the park, but there are many hills outside the park. In fact, I had thought about hiking up to the fire tower, but I decided against it, because of the cold. We actually did that January 1st 2009, but it was a little warmer that day, and we had several experienced hikers with us.

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