Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The first flower of spring. It seems a little late this year. Usually I see the first flower in the hills sometime about the middle of March. Maybe it's because I have been pretty busy the past few weeks. But no, I think I would have seen it before now if it had come out in the middle of the month. I wouldn't say that it has been excessively cold this winter, but it sure hasn't been warm. Anyway, once the peach flowers start to bloom on the mountain, you know it's going to be green before long.

Funny how every place I have lived had it's own indication for the end of winter. Here, it's the peach flowers. When I was a kid in Japan, we used to have a giant concrete slab as a sort of playground when I was a kid at the boarding school. Once we started to sense the coming of spring, we would get out there and start breaking up the packed snow, and hauling it away. Strikes me funny now, because it would surely melt by itself within a few days of when we were going to be able to get it all shoveled out. It was a a lot of work for something that nature was going to do anyway, but we were impatient.

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