Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hailaer Hostel 

The youth hostel in Hailaer is interesting. Hailaer is a city. So the youth hostel is really an urban youth hostel, and the city of Hailaer is not a particularly impressive place. But the hostel is situated out in the country, so the hostel itself is a nice place to stay if you need to stop over in Hailaer. That might be the case if you are going up to Enhe or something. But if you are headed up toward Manzhouli, I would recommend taking a train or plane there directly, due to the corruption in the taxi system at the Hailaer airport, and the fact that...well, there just isn't that much to do in Hailaer. But again, the hostel itself is a really nice place, and in the countryside outside of Hailaer. Whenever I am in town and heading out in a taxi, the taxi driver will look at me quizzically when I tell him where I want to go. He will say something like, "Is someone meeting you there? There's nothing out there." That's the whole idea. :)

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