Reflections on a Wandering Life.....

Monday, March 16, 2015


Believe it or not, I bought a box of Cream of Wheat in Wudaokou the other day. Hard to believe. I might as well be living in America.You can see that I tried to tear the box open from the top. Shows how long it has been. I haven't had Cream of Wheat for a lifetime. I am pretty open minded about what I eat, but I tend to be pretty picky about breakfast. German muesli is readily available here in Beijing, but a little expensive. Fortunately, Australian oatmeal is quite reasonable, so most of the time I eat oatmeal. But now there is a new market in Wudaokou that has shredded wheat and a few other American cereals. Most American breakfast cereal is highly processed, so I haven't missed it. But shredded wheat is just that, and cream of wheat is also pretty much pure wheat grain, although not the whole grain. I also get an Australian cereal called "Weet-Bix." I have never quite gotten used to the standard Chinese "rice water" breakfast porridge, but there are some traditional breakfast eats that I do like. One of them is called "Xiaomai," which is basically cooked whole wheat wrapped in a dumpling. It is hard to believe that a bowl of Cream of Wheat and Xiaomai dumpling dipped in vinegar are actually two different forms of the same thing, but they pretty much are. So even though I missed having a bowl of farina once in awhile, if I had Cream of Wheat every morning and I could never stop at the jiaozi shop in my village and have a plate of Xiaomai and a bowl of egg drop soup I'd probably miss that too.

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