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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Science Night - The Origin of Life Has Not Been Explained 

Do you like chemistry? Did you get good grades in chemistry in high school and/or college? If so, you need to take twenty-three minutes of time and watch this lecture (below). It is, hands down, the best chemistry lecture you have ever heard.

When I was in college (Oregon College of Education), there was an announcement that we could test out of the chemistry portion of the science requirement for the liberal arts core. I took the test and passed. Later, a pre-med student was commenting about this. He said, "They let these guys balance a few equations and get out of chemistry." He didn't like the idea. But I didn't think it was bad. It wasn't a CLEP test. I still had to make up the hours. To substitute for a four hour chemistry class, I took a three hour class in computer coding and a one credit field trip. It was in the Wallowa mountains in northeastern Oregon. Beautiful.

I didn't do that because I didn't think chemistry was important. But I just knew that my life wasn't going to be about chemistry. So for me, it was a good plan. But this video is a reminder of the importance of chemistry. I didn't think about it before I watched this, but you know, most of the ideas about evolution are pontificated by biologists or zoologists who know little about chemistry. But chemistry comes before biology. We can't even talk about biology if the chemistry doesn't work.

This brief lecture blows modern theories of evolution to smithereens, not by refuting them biologically, but by showing that the chemistry just isn't there.

Sometimes we hear people saying something like "It's in my DNA," when they are talking about a particular habit or way of life. If you pay attention, most of the time you will notice that they are referring to something that is culturally derived not genetically derived. But DNA is not a mystical force that influences who you are. DNA is a chemical substance. It stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. Years ago, I read that if the genetic coding in DNA were published in books, it would fill three thousand volumes. DNA is extraordinarily complex. Watch this video and see what you think. If you watch it attentively, and with an open mind, there is no way you will still believe in evolution by the time you are finished.


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